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About Texas School Products

Texas School Products began in August, 2016; and, has been in the making for over 30 years! We have a combined 62 years of experience in graduation, letterman jacket, yearbook, and class ring sales and service. After careers working for three of the largest school products providers in the country, our founders believe the name brand companies are serving their customers a raw deal! The other companies use an outdated and inefficient sales model that costs their schools, students, and communities more money. By working directly with manufacurers, Texas School Products cuts layers of management and supporting infrastructure out of the cost to you! It’s about time that the productivity increases in manufacturing gets passed down to the consumers; contact Texas School Products to find out how much your school, students, and community will save.

Eric Manto

Eric began his career by enlisting in the Navy. Because of his experience as a photographer on the yearbook staff at Killian High School in Miami, FL, while in the Navy, Eric volunteered his time to create his ship’s Cruisebook. After serving our country, then graduating from the University of Maryland, and a brief career in the ’90s dot com boom, Eric found his home in the school products business. After 15 years as an award-winning sales representative for Josten’s Yearbooks in Washington D.C., Eric moved his family to DFW, Texas and held a 13 year, award-winning career with Walsworth Yearbooks. Eric is now the President of Texas School Products.

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